On this page, will be a collection of Mario's Weekly Fun Facts! Enjoy!

~Mario loves designing and working on websites.

~Mario loves astonomy and learning about it. He definitely feels Pluto is a planet!

~Mario loves dinosaurs and learning about them. He can't wait for Jurrasic World!!

~When Mario was a teen he was learning Praying Mantis kung fu and had a Praying Mantis as a pet so he could study it.

~Mario wanted to be a zookeeper when he was young.

~Mario has seen over 75 concerts of pop, rock, country, latin and christian artists.

~Mario's #1 vocal influence is Steve Perry of Journey.

~Mario's favorite modern day Christmas movie is "Elf".

~Mario used to DJ when he was younger.

~Mario meditates every morning.

~Mario has 7 tattoos.

~Mario likes to look at the moon before going to bed at night.

~Mario loves watching the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics too!

~Mario likes to see women in cat costumes.

~Mario prefers sherbet to ice cream.

~Mario loves gazing at clouds in the day and the stars at night.

~Mario loves dragons and has a large dragon collection.

~Mario loves to drive and wants to go to a racing school to try out his skills.

~Mario is a great cook!

~Mario is always hot and usually has a fan on or window open, even in the winter!

~Mario is not a morning person!

~Mario likes to do things his own way and to march to the beat of his own drummer, literally and figuratively.

~Besides rock & pop, Mario is also a very big fan of country music!

~Mario is very involved with environmental activism and has been for a long time.

~Mario's 3 favorite Christmas songs are:

1. Silent Night

2. O Holy Night

3. The First Noel

~Mario loves learning about ancient history and especially ancient mysteries.

~Mario loves to get photos from all his dreamers from around the world.

~Although he doesn't have time to read them much anymore, Mario is a big fan of comic books. His favorite superhero is Spiderman. He also likes Superman, Batman, Xmen and his favorite super-hero team is the Mighty Avengers. Mario can't wait for the movie!!

~Mario is a big Astronomy and Ancient History buff.

~Mario loves to joke around. He has a very quick wit and always has something funny to say. He likes people who don't take themselves too seriously and that can make him laugh.

~Mario is a long-time practitioner of the martial arts. He has studied and practiced many forms of martial arts such as judo, praying mantis kung-fu, JKD, Qi Gong, Pa Kua and more! He is a huge fan of Bruce Lee and loves MMA.

~Mario is well known by his fans for always responding personally to his fans. He's been known to take hours out of his day to reply to every fan who emails, comments, messages him. It may take him a while to reply but he always does so personally. So if you get a reply from Mario, it's really him!!

~Mario was once a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)!

~In case you can't tell by his music/lyrics, Mario is an old fashioned romantic!

~Mario is a certified Personal Trainer!

~Mario just went through his first earthquake (on 8/23/11) and hopes that it's his last!

~Mario is a big pro wrestling fan, especially WWE. He has a huge library of videotapes of matches from over the years. One of his most memorable memories of his great grandmother was of her watching pro wrestling. She was also a huge fan.

~Mario is a PC computer geek. He fixes his own computer problems (and friends and family's too) and upgrades his PC himself. He also designs all his websites.

~Mario's favorite animals are snow leopards & tigers.

~Mario loves to workout. He has been working out with weights since he was a teen. He is currently doing P90X and sometimes trains 2x a day.

~Mario loves 80s hard rock bands like Poison, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, etc.

~Mario is straight-edge. He doesn't drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs.

~Mario loves animals and always has lots of pets! He currently has a cat, 3 parakeets, tropical fish and a rabbit.

~Mario is a diehard Mets fan even though he's lived most of his life in NY Yankees territory (the Bronx).


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